Howard Middleton

Howard Middleton


Howard Middleton is an amateur baker from Sheffield who first began baking as a child. He is passionate about being inclusive in his baking, creating food for the specific dietary needs of his mum and dad and the incredibly challenging birthday cake requests of his nieces. As a contestant on the fourth series of The Great British Bake Off, he immediately caught the public's attention with his first bake - a gluten free passion fruit and coconut sandwich cake, which is featured on the BBC Food website.

Championing inclusive baking, Howard Middleton shows how you can create deliciously tempting bakes that are all wheat-free and gluten-free - from simple savoury suppers and teatime treats to divinely decadent desserts.

This book aims to show that gluten-free baking can be as delicious as ordinary baking, and suitable for sharing with even those not on a gluten-free diet. The baking is for all occasions, including parties, weddings and Christmas.

With many recipes that are dairy-free too, Howard makes sure that everyone can enjoy perfect cakes, melt-in-the-mouth biscuits and gorgeous, crusty breads. His book includes practical tips on different flours and clever ideas for presentation, and is the book for anyone who wants to make gluten-free absolutely delicious!


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